Case Study

eLearning Analitycs

The Challenge

Provide real-time analytics for publishers worldwide, that distribute their content through mCourser LMS. The reports should contain aggregation of fine grained metrics with statistical accuracy.
The analytical system should also serve school administrators, tutors and teachers who not only look at aggregates but also need to see accurate results for every single student.

The Solution

Solwit implemented two data pipeline solutions: streaming and batch. Both utilise BigQuery as the final data destination.
Streaming provides the ability of real-time analytics with high accuracy. Each user interaction with the learning content is registered in a stream of events that are available for querying in under 2 minutes from the time of occurrence.

Batch loading of data to BigQuery provides the assurance that no record is missing, allows for regular loading of high volumes of data.


Real-time analytics through custom views with DataStudio provides publishers insights in to content popularity, geographical distribution, difficulty and content usage patterns.

Batch analytics better control over learning process for tutors and school administrators enabling the assessment of individual students and the assessment of the learning process as a whole. With this system it is not uncomment for a single teacher to guide over 10000 students in a single semester.

About mCourser

Is a popular, free to use, Learning Management System and content distribution platform. mCourser is a Learnetic product.

About BigQuery

BigQuery is a data warehouse as a service that scales from bytes to peta-bytes. If offers full SQL support and competitive storage and usage pricing.

About DataStudio

DataStudio is an on-line data visualisation tool. It looks compelling provides rich functionality and It’s free to use. So far it only offers connectors to Google products – like BigQuery.

About Appengine

Platform as a Service offering from Google Cloud platform. A fully managed and serverless solutions for hosting web applications with ease access to other Google’s services.

About Datastore

A massively scalable NoSQL database offered as a service.

About Google
Cloud Storage

A object storage and distribution service. Provides competitive storage pricing, edge caching for content delivery and instance data transfers between applications for multiregional deployments.

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