Case Study

eLearning Ecosystem

The Challenge

By the year 2011 many educational publishing companies invested a lot of resources creating digital content based on Flash technology. Around the same year it became pretty obvious that Flash will soon disappear from mobile platforms and that it is only the beginning of its extinction. Because Flash player is a proprietary technology – created by Macromedia, sold to Adobe – it’s disappearance form the market rendered all that e-learning content useless.
Learnetic had a solution to this problem – they have created a competitive web content player and made it open-source. They needed to commercialize a compelling authoring tool as soon as possible to make their technology successful.

The Solution

A compelling on-line authoring tool was created and embedded into a whole ecosystem of on-line applications, including a professional production environment, authoring platform for hobbyists and amateur content creators and content distribution and learning management platforms.

Implementing the solution for Learnetic, Solwit leveraged:

App Engine PaaS backed NoSQL SaaS database
Datastore for global scalability, robustness and effortless management,

Google Cloud Storage for media content management like storage
and distribution between different applications
Being free from infrastructure management considerations Solwit’s team could
focuses on the innovative parts of Learnetic offering and provide those solutions rapidly.

Learnetic’s eLearning Ecosystem is present globally, with an innovative, visually compelling, intuitive authoring platform as the biggest advantage. Due to the open-source player the Learnetic’s solutions are also a save investment for publishers worldwide.


The authoring on-line tool with first versions of ecosystem applications made a successful presence globally within the first two years of development – with only a handful of developers involved.
Cloud environment was ideal for creating a rapid CI/CD process and timely responses to feature requests is among a few things that Learnetic’s clients value most

About Learnetic

Provides solution for almost every stage of ePublishing processes.

About Appengine

Platform as a Service offering from Google Cloud platform. A fully managed and serverless solutions for hosting web applications with ease access to other Google’s services.

About Datastore

A massively scalable NoSQL database offered as a service.

About Google Cloud Storage

A object storage and distribution service. Provides competitive storage pricing, edge caching for content delivery and instance data transfers between applications for multiregional deployments.

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