Case Study

Solwit’s RadioRadar

The Challenge

Automatic radio commercial analytics platform for market research companies. This a proof-of-concept project created with very little resources: one week of research and two weeks of development by one engineer.

The Solution

Created solution is based on Chromaprint library, for music analysis and comparison, and set of services available on Google Cloud Platform, for scalability and robustness Compute Engine, Cloud Storage, Datastore and App Engine.

The application which you can test here currently allows anonymous users to upload up to 10 music jingles/commercials weekly and scans through 18 Polish radio stations noting any occurrence of the of the uploaded music presenting the occurrences and aggregations on a dashboard.


Buliding on strong fundamentals like Google Cloud Platform and Chromaprint AI solution in 3 weeks of R&D we were able to create an application substituting the labor of 18 people and scaling.

About Chromaprint

Music fingerprinting solution deriving from the work of multiple resesrch papers. The creation of algorithms used was is a result on part of machine learning process

About Appengine

Platform as a Service offering from Google Cloud platform. A fully managed and serverless solutions for hosting web applications with ease access to other Google’s services.

About Datastore

A massively scalable NoSQL database offered as a service.

About Google Cloud Storage

A object storage and distribution service. Provides competitive storage pricing, edge caching for content delivery and instance data transfers between applications for multiregional deployments.

About Google
Compute Engine

A primary offering in Infrastucture as a Service category of Google Cloud Platform. Delivers high performance scalable VM’s.

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